The tool of choice for CAE pre-processing and meshing

Gridmatics is a cross-platform cutting-edge preprocessing tool that gives CAE engineers all the required functionality to effortlessly build computational meshes for use in various simulation frameworks (CFD, FEA, etc.) for applications spanning multiple industries (e.g., automotive, aerospace, construction, oil and gas, etc.).

Being a company that offers analysis services to numerous major worldwide engineering clients has allowed us to develop the GridMATICS preprocessor in a way that strives to streamline CAE team’s workflow. Our main focus was to offer a significant productivity boost to CAE engineer by minimizing the time taken to build the simulation model starting from the CAD file.

CAD Capabilities

The GridMATICS Smart Import tool offers support to most of the major CAD formats used by CAE engineers. The lightweight and powerful geometry modeler in our user interface allows users to import large CAD models without any long waiting periods and without the pain of handling slow-rendering models.

Key features

Some of the key features available in GridMATICS
  • Detection of mesh irregularities and automatic handling of these irregularities (e.g., detection and filling of holes).
  • Several mesh cleanup and repair features according to the user needs.
  • Surface remeshing.
  • Extruding surfaces.
  • Curvature detection.
  • Proximity and intersection of nodes and surfaces.
  • Coincident surface merging.
  • Feature detection and Auto-sweep.
  • Geometric property evaluation (e.g., enclosed volume calculation , surface areas and lengths measurement, etc.).
  • Powerful volume meshing capabilities.