The future is here

It is no secret that artificial intelligence and machine learning are the most discussed engineering topic of the current decade and these models’ penetration into every single aspect of our lives appears to be unstoppable.

We at Optumatics believe that such a powerful tool can be leveraged into significant productivity gains for our clients from all sorts of industries.

Machine Learning

meets Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Starting with the field of CAE and physics-based simulations, we have co-developed several machine learning-based tools to aid our clients in reducing computational times of their simulations as well as their overall turnaround time and time-to-market for various processes.

Examples of CAE ML tools

  • Our portfolio of machine learning based tools includes:
  • Automotive Thermal Management ML-based tools for component temperature prediction
  • Using ML-Augmented differential equation solvers to speedup simulation runtimes for battery electrochemical models
  • Image processing for autonomous driving applications

What's next

We at Optumatics realize that ML and AI are still at their infancy stage in terms of mass adoption, and the extent of its application in CAE is still a moving target. However, we are committed to exploring new uses of these technologies and offering them to our clients.

Data Science driving your Business Needs

AI/ML Powered by your data
In addition to our experience in CAE related applications, we have used data science and machine learning to help numerous customers understand their customers better and increase their operational efficiency.