Thermal Management

Vehicle thermal management and protection are an essential part of any vehicle design. 

At Optumatics, we care about helping thermal management teams around the globe in providing safe and durable vehicle designs to their customers by offering accurate and detailed thermal simulations,

Our Methodology

Our thermal analysis focuses on providing our clients with insights about the thermal behavior of their designs using our analysis tools (TherMATICS and FlowMATICS), which have been designed to offer various options that balance between fidelity and computational time, depending on the customer’s needs and expected time-to-market.

Our physics tools employ both 1D and 3D methods to provide insights about the different vehicle subsystems’ thermal performance and capture the thermal interactions of the various subsystems with one another.

Example Problems

Some of the most common problems we have tackled with our clients are:
  • EV battery pack cooling system design and battery thermal management system (BTMS) performance optimization.
  • Analysis of EV battery pack undergoing thermal runaway failure.
  • Shielding critical vehicle components from heat rate of battery pack and exhaust (in case of hybrids and internal combustion engine powered vehicles).
  • Internal combustion engine cooling strategy optimization.
  • Designing the cooling system of wireless chargers included in vehicles.
  • Optimization of overall vehicle cooling system (including HVAC, battery cooling, internal combustion engine cooling, heated passenger seats, etc.)
  • Selection of fans and design of cooling fins for various electronic devices located inside our clients’ vehicles.