Software Development

Catering to our clients' specific software needs

In addition to the software we currently offer (TherMATICS, GridMATICS, FlowMATICS).

We offer our clients the option to customize design and analysis tools tailored specifically to their needs.

What we offer

Our software design experts at Optumatics will assess your problem and offer you a variety of tools and potential services that can streamline your workflows and increase your team’s efficiency

Let's talk about what your team needs

Examples of the software services we offer are:
  • Developing Co-Simulation capabilities for our clients using the FMU (Functional Mockup Unit) coupling method between the various software that they usually use (e.g., coupling three software packages of TherMATICS, STAR-CCM+ and GT-Power).
  • Post-processing tool for specific problems that our clients need (e.g., internal combustion engine in-cylinder flow visualization).
  • Offering automation solutions for our client’s analysis workflows.
  • Developing numerical optimization tools for their designs (e.g., optimizing an airplane wing airfoil shape using genetic algorithms).

Our software services

include five key steps:
  • Designing the software to match the client’s needs.
  • Implementation of the agreed upon software design.
  • Testing our software.
  • Rolling-out the software and offering training services for our client to efficiently use the given software.
  • Offering long-term support and maintenance of the software, where customer feedback is continuously used to improve our offered solution.