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Providing engineering services and developing physics simulation software for the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries.

Thermatics Product

Comprehensive Thermal Simulation Software

Thermatics is a powerful and user-friendly tool for modeling and analyzing the heat transfer and thermal behavior of complex systems and components. It can handle various types of heat sources, materials, geometries, boundary conditions, and transient effects. It can also couple with other physical phenomena and interface with other software tools. It is suitable for various applications in different industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy etc.

Efficient Engineering Solutions and Software Provider


Virtual engineering solutions

We are a company that provides engineering services and develops physics simulation software for the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries. Our mission is to help our clients solve complex problems and optimize their performance with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

We have a team of highly skilled engineers and software developers with expertise in various fields such as fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, thermodynamics, control systems etc. We use the latest tools and methods to deliver high-quality solutions that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

We have successfully completed projects for leading companies in the automotive, aerospace, and energy sectors. We are always looking for new challenges and opportunities to apply our knowledge and skills to new domains.

Some of our specialties

Our Mission Statement

We are an agile engineering R&D team that works on delivering innovative solutions for complex technical problems. We are passionate about creating products that make a positive impact on the world.

We prioritize our customers’ needs and deliver the most important features with competitive turnaround times. We leverage software, simulation and automation technologies to reduce the cost of development and accelerate innovation cycles.

We collaborate closely with our stakeholders and other teams to ensure alignment and feedback on the product development process. We are always learning, improving and striving for excellence.

Optimization of systems
Our engineering team at Optumatics has many years of experience in using math-based tools (e.g., physics simulation and optimization algorithms) to design and develop products for our clients.

At Optumatics, we offer a wide range of CAE services with various options, according to our customers’ needs. Our team has developed competency across various engineering disciplines.

What makes our software development team at Optumatics so unique, is that in addition to our product development experience, we have a strong theoretical background in math-based modeling tools.
We are officially in the age of data science and artificial intelligence (AI). For that reason, Optumatics is at the forefront of applying data science to every business field.

Our client list

We have provided engineering services for the following clients: