Products and Services
Internal Combustion Engines
Aftertreatment Systems
Oil & Gas, and Power Generation
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Products and Services
• Engineering support in the areas of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computational Mechanics (CM). The company will work with customers to develop and optimize engineering and technical solutions and will offer dedicated engineering skills that may be needed to extend our customers’ internal capability. Examples of tasks offered:
  • Clean-up and preparation of model surfaces provided by the customer
  • Meshing of model. Conducting analysis and ensuring numerical fidelity
  • Processing results and producing relevant plots
  • Analyzing results and producing diagnostics to assist in design optimization
  • Reviewing results with the customer and evolving designs as needed
• Analysis-based customer-valued solutions in the areas of: aerodynamics, thermofluids, combustion, heat transfer, two-phase flows, and related disciplines:
  • Preparing and analyzing base design
  • Conducting design iterations to optimize design or to meet design targets and developing new optimized designs
  • Following-up with customers and providing support on developed designs
  • Conducting further analysis as needed to diagnose and resolve any disparity between computed and measured performance.
Customers and Market Sectors
Optumatics has targeted its core competencies to serve the following market sectors:
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Power Generation
  • Energy
  • Oil and Gas
What places Optumatics in a unique competitive position is its ability to:
  • Offer customers services at the high-end of the technical and engineering value chain at a cost significantly lower than its competitors
  • Accommodate customer-specific needs and requirements with an option to link its technical systems to the customer’s.
  • The technical leaders of Optumatics have significant industrial experience in the core technical areas of the company.