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About Us

Optumatics addresses the increasing demand for skilled high quality CFD and technical services, while meeting industry’s pressing need for continued control of structural cost. The company is dedicated to supply its customers with quality responsive technical support.

The business strategy of Optumatics is formulated around experience, highly-honed skills, and a significantly lower cost base than its competitors. Simply stated Optumatics provides its customers with value difficult for others to duplicate.

The company works with customers to develop and optimize engineering and technical solutions and offers dedicated engineering skills that may be needed to extend our customers’ internal capability. The company also offers CAD services and support on a variety of software platforms in harmony with the customers’ installed base. Optumatics’ proprietary CFD software integrates high-fidelity models of many physical phenomena resulting in customer-valued engineering solutions.

As we strive to be recognized globally for providing customers with superior value and distinct competitive advantage, we are focused on developing a highly skilled and responsive workforce. Furthermore, we continuously sense the evolution of customer needs and technology trends and respond in a timely manner, thus always leading our competitors in the value of the services we offer.